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    ZhengYang provides a full range of solutions to automotive and yachts, including tanks, liquid level sensors, gauges, which are welcomed by well-known OEMs and yachts factories from all over the world.

Applicable to trucks and buses, boats, engineering machinery, agriculture machinery, and construction machinery, etc

Based on the theory of opening and closing of the reed switch controlled by magnet field generate different circuit signal, the sensor output signals displayed on the gauges reading the liquid level, temperature, etc.


KUS brand products provides three types of signals, including resistance values, voltage values, current values for customer’s options.


Completely customized. For special tanks, the sensor can also be customized to fit.

        • SAE 5 holes mounting, SAE 6 holes mounting, BSP5/4”, NPT3/2”, bayonet, etc.
        • Assembly dimension can be also customized.

Optional functions:
        • Fuel suction, supply fuel to engine
        • Fuel return, recycle use of the fuel
        • Air vent, balance the pressure inside the tank to avoid tank deformation.
        • Fuel filtering, reduce the foreign particles from going into the engine and reduce malfunction and improve efficiency.
       • High/ low level alarming, alarm at high level or low level
       • Heating, supply heat to the driving cabinet.

Customer value:
       • Wide specifications, multi-functions for your option.
       • Stable product quality and performance, solving the quality problem after sales.
       • Customized, technique supported, advanced developed, meeting your requirements.

 Case sharing:
       As we all know that Volvo is very demanding on product quality, especially for the S5 sensors used on trucks, the sensors are required to pass the vibration test under 4g for 96 hours, which the general parts can’t meet this requirement, we have exclusive design and it can meet the requirement.

KUS in application: