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      Trucks, buses, engineering machinery, agriculture machinery, construction machinery etc, which is adapted with SCR system.

As more and more people values the environment, the emission reduction in auto industry has been brought to the top agenda in many countries. Eu 4, Eu 5, China IV,China V,EPA, etc, emission standards are required to be implemented by international leagues and many countries. The key of emission reduction is to reduce the NOx content in the vehicle exhaust, accordingly there come the SCR and EGR exhaust treatment techniques. According to current situation, SCR exhaust treatment is widely welcomed and implemented in the world.
      SCR is the abbreviation of Selective Catalytic Reduction; the principle is to inject ammonia water or adblue into the vehicle exhaust containing NOx, and to make the NOx revert to N2 and H2O, reducing the emission of the NOx effectively.



SCR system work diagram



AdBlue/DEF sensor



    • Completely customized. For special tanks, the sensor can also be customized to fit.

Common bayonet, SAE 5 holes mounting, clamp fixation, etc.
     • Assembly dimension can be also customized

Optional functions:
    Adblue suction, supply adblue to the SCR system
     Adblue return, excessive adblue flows back to the tank to be recycle used
     Air vent, balance the pressure inside the tank to avoid tank deformation
     Adblue filtering, reduce the failure rate of the SCR system.
     High level/ low level alarming, alarm at high level or low level
     Adblue defreezing, defreeze the adblue by the circulation of the coolant water
     Prevent other material except adblue from being filled into tank, control the liquid level, etc.

Advantage and values:
   Comply with environmental emissions requirements, regulations and environmental protection.
   Stable product quality and performance, it can withstand the harsh environmental challenges, no post quality problems.
   Broad product specifications, functions are available, customized service, technical support, and efficient development

Case sharing:
      Every Chinese will never forget, 13 July 2001 22:00 GMT, when the International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch forceful declaration "BEIJING", all the Chinese people were excited, China won the right to host the Olympic Games in 2008.

          The excitement inspires every Chinese to be more carefully in preparation. 2008 in Beijing, as a global focus, its environmental problems is center of the focus, and environmental protection is also one of the themes Beijing Green Olympics. Reducing transport emissions to become one of the important measures for Green Olympics, smoky Beijing bus certainly can’t make good impression on the guests from all over the world.

        From 2006 to 2007, we continued to serve the public transport system in Beijing and in domestic major cities, without exception, with KUS Adblue sensors assembled on all buses and vans fitted SCR systems.
     Environmental protection is the eternal theme, and its footsteps is unceasing!
 KUS has been devoting itself in and will remain commitment to improving the environment and sparing no efforts!

KUS in application: