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Vehicle fleets, logistics company, tramcar, engineering machinery, oil tank, etc.

Product introduction:
Are you troubling with:
     1.  Inaccurate fuel level monitoring;
     2. False fuel charge;
     3. Fuel leakage, or fuel get stolen;
     4. Fuel economize can’t be evaluated……


KUS CLS sensor series can help you out of all these!

         CLS Series sensors are capacitance sensors with high precision; it can quickly calculate the liquid level in the fuel tank. Supporting with the GPS vehicle-mounted terminal, transferring the real-time fuel volume to the monitoring service center, service center can display the real-time fuel volume digitally and generate fuel consumption figure and fuel consumption reports, providing effective technical means to passenger and cargo transportation companies in energy management statistically and improving the management information and management efficiency.

       With high resolution in measurement, stable performance and long service life, you can know the convenience it brings once you have a CLS sensor assembled:
       1. Accurate information of the liquid level, high resolution can be less than 1mm
       2. If it is faked fuel filled in the tank
       3. False report of the fuel charge 
       4. Monitoring the usage of the fuel
       5. Driving skills and energy saving level can be checked


Normal fuel consumption graph


Abnormal fuel consumption graph


traveling graph


 Advantages and values:
       1.  More accurate measurement。
       2. Sensor length can be cut to need, reduce inventory costs of different specification requirements。
       3. Anomalies can be detected once CLS installed on a vehicle, reducing operating costs and management costs effectively.

Case sharing:
        Company A is located in north-eastern Europe, operating around 300 logistics companies, for a long time the management costs of the company can't be reduced as the reimbursement of expenses from the drivers for the transportation lines are uneven.

        Since 2012 they have installed KUS CLS Series, fitting with the GPS system, A company managers can always monitor each vehicle's fuel usage in the office. Six months later, the company executives found that average monthly expenditure has been reduced by 10% and the company's overall operating costs has dropped significantly.