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    Engine, generator, etc.

Product introduction:
Temperature sensor, Tacho sensor, Pressure sensor, Mechanical gauge, etc. used on engines and generators to effectively detect the temperature signals, tacho signals, pressure signals and liquid level signals from engines and generators.


Temperature Sensor                                             Tacho Sensor           


Pressure Sensor                                         Mechanical Gauge   

Our products:
       1. Water temperature, fuel temperature information of the engine and generator, it alarms when the temperature reaches to the certain degree.
       2. Check the engine revolution speed; it can input sine wave signal and square signal.
       3. Check the oil pressure; it alarms when the pressure reaches certain degree.
        4. No need to connect the power supply for the mechanical gauge, it can display the liquid level inside the tank.

Advantages and values:
       1.Stable product quality and performance, solving the quality problem after sales.。
        2. Wide specifications, multi-functions for your option, customized, technique supported, advanced developed, meeting your requirements