Model : TAIPL

Suitable for the trucks and bus 

High precision, high and low level indication

Reed switch, Continuous and steady output signal
DEF/AdBlue suction and return
Engine coolants recirculation for heating urea

Temperature measurement
Impurity filtration

•  Screw twist lock for easy assembly

Selectable length subject to users' application
Options of different electronic connectors and fitting type

  Comply with EURO IV, V, VI, Bharat Stage, EPA 2010, China IV, V

  Suitable for the cold area

  • Specifications

Material: Plastic and Stainless steel
Length range: 400 to 1000mm
Assembly: Screw twist lock

Connector: Brand Delphi,Tyco or others is available according to customer’s Requirement
Output signal:Resistance, voltage

Resolution range: 10 to 40mm
Operating temperatures: - 40 to 85°C
Protection rank: IP67