Model : 16L

Widely used in the world famous trucks and bus
Integrated key features
       ♦ DEF/AdBlue storage,Impurity filtration
       ♦ Liquid level detecting and alarm
       ♦ DEF/AdBlue suction and return
       ♦ Temperature measurement
       ♦ Balancing the atmosphere of tank
       ♦ Comply to auto-refill requirement
       ♦ The windows of Max level
• Excellent alkali-resisting and impact strength performance
Satisfy with ISO22241 requirements   
Adapt different sensor for different environmental application
Comply with EURO IV,V,VI,EPA 2010,China IV,V

  • Specifications

• Mterial: Plastic
• Volume: 16L
•  Methods technique: blow molding
• Color: Black
• Outside Dimension(L*W*H):427*220*364mm
• Assembly: Bandage tied,easy for installation
• Refill the AdBlue by the auto-filling gun or by hand
• Connector: Brand Delphi,Tyco or others is available according to customer’s Requirement
• Output signal:Resistance, voltage, current or CAN-BUS signal
• Operating temperatures: - 40 to 85°C
• Protection rank: IP67