Water Temp.

Model : KPTR

♦ Display any sudden rise in coolant temperature, hence, helping to prevent serious damage to the engine
♦  Use moving-magnet principle to drive the needle, featuring good endurance and anti-vibration

♦ Style(as left pictures,Remark:SS=stainless steel): SS & black(BS),black SS & black(BN),SS & White (WS) 
Bezel Material: SUS304,Flat glass
Installation Dimension: Φ52mm(2”)
♦ Installation: lock the gauge to baseboard directly by hand

♦ Connector:  Screw or terminal 
♦ Background light: Red 
♦ Indicating Range: 40~120℃ 
♦ Working Voltage:12/24V
♦ Signal: Matched with KUS temperature sensor
♦ Protection grade:IP7 for front side;IP5 for back side

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