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DEF quality sensor

• Widely used in the world famous trucks and bus
• High precision, high and low level indication
• Reed switch, Continuous and steady output signal
        ♦  DEF/AdBlue Level detecting
        ♦  DEF/AdBlue concentration detecting
        ♦  DEF/AdBlue suction and return
        ♦  Engine coolants recirculation for heating urea
        ♦  Temperature measurement
        ♦  Impurity filtration
• J1939 (CAN-bus) is used to have better contact with the main control system,
• Built in high-performance software, can output real-time and stable Urea concentration
• Built in OBD, can provide real-time monitoring for the operation of Urea sensor
•  Bayonet twist lock for easy assembly
• Selectable length subject to users' application
• Options of different electronic connectors and fitting type
•  Comply with EURO IV, V, VI, Bharat Stage, EPA 2010, China IV, V
•  Especially suitable for extremely cold area