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     KUS product develop began in 1984, and developed the first reed liquid level sensor of whole world. successfully applied in fuel tank and water tank of marine. In 1990, KUS developed the multi-funtion fuel tank sensor for truck based on the liquid level sensor, successfully used on Volvo heavy trucks in the end of 90s' in Europe. work closely with famous automotive OEMS around the world,such as Benz, Volvo, Scania, MAN, Iveco, Renault etc.

     Since 2003, for the demand of Europe's major truck manufacturer, KUS developed the multi-function AdBlue/DEF level sensor to comply with Euro IV emissions standard. At present,  AdBlue/DEF and fuel level sensor which is independently developed by KUS group have covered  the entire Europe damand of Euro IV Euro V and Euro VI trucks and buses.Every year millions of ZhengYang sensors are installed in trucks, boats and off-road equipments all over the world.

     KUS group currently has about 130 R & D personnel, accounting for about 9% of the company's total manpower, Can completed including product design, product validation, process design and optimization, jig mold design and production, Rapid prototype production. There are hundreds of new KUS product developed every year, widely applied for globally trucks, buses, construction or agricultural machinery, boats, generators and other fields, now we had more than 5,000 types of KUS products successfully developed and put on the market.

     For the market demand, KUS invested a large amount of money to build a high quality comprehensive laboratory in purpose of increasing the quality of the products in 2007. The experiment center meets the international standard of tests including design construction test, electricity test, mechanical performance test, temperature test, salt spray test, sine/random vibration test, elements of metal material test, metallurgical analyzer, and intergranular corrosion analyzer. A wall is set for quality.

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Measuring center
Measuring center
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