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KUS Technology Corporation

The main business of KUS  Technology  Corporation focuses on SCR post-processing urea sensor, urea tank assembly and its core components, including urea, fuel and other sensors, boxes, instruments, automobile pipelines, etc. It is a research and development, production, A global auto parts and assembly supplier integrating sales and service. At the same time, based on its own technology and process experience in various sensors and thermal management fields, it has developed electrified and intelligent vehicle controllers, PTC water heaters, etc. New product line.
KUS  Technology  Corporation's main customers cover major commercial vehicle manufacturers in the market, first-tier engine suppliers and construction machinery companies, and has obtained first-tier supplier access qualifications for more than 100 customers around the world.
KUS  Technology  Corporation is based in China and has a global layout. It has production bases or subsidiaries in China, the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, and India to realize localized services for customers in major regions of the world and continue to deepen the company's globalization strategy.

Company Culture

  • KUS Pursuit

KUS Pursuit

  • Vision

    Make Breathing Cleaner


  • Talent Concept

    An Accountable Culture Where Caring People Could Be Appreciated

Talent Concept

  • Corporate Slogan

    Sensing Quality,Gauging Success.

Corporate Slogan

  • Core Values


Core Values

  • Mission

    Maximize customers’ value continuously


  • Service Philosophy

    Meet the needs of customers as the guide and pursue lean quality

Service Philosophy

Global Operations

Our History

  • KUS established a company in Dongguan and became an integrated enterprise of production, sales and research; reed switch single tube fuel sensor, multi-functional fuel sensor, and urea level sensor entered mass production.
  • KUS urea tank assembly products were put into the market, and the old factory building was moved to the new factory building
  • The "KUS" brand was introduced to the market, and urea injection system accessories were launched into the market
  • Urea quality sensor and high-precision liquid level sensor were put into the market
  • Dongguan Guorui was established to ensure the automation equipment needs within the group and also provide customized automation equipment services for industry customers.
  • Newly established KUS India and KUS Europe to provide customers with efficient localized services
  • KUS Hefei Factory and Zhenggang Company were established; the urea tank integration solution was put into the market; and it became a reputation multiplied enterprise in Dongguan.
  • Set up a factory in Mexico to expand the global market and provide product solutions for urea tank assembly.
  • The Weifang factory in Shandong was established; the Mexican factory was put into operation; the second factory in India was expanded.
  • The third-phase factory of Dongguan headquarters was completed; factory land was purchased in Europe, and KUS Americas, Shenzhen Branch, Guangzhou Branch, and Dongguan Zhengyang Environment were established.
  • Build a new European factory and set up a Shanghai R&D center to accelerate globalization and localization of services.
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