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Sustainable Development

Adhering to the concept of sustainable management, inheriting years of product manufacturing experience, giving the enterprise craftsmanship spirit and innovation to change genes; customer-centric, with high-quality products to meet various flexible needs of customers, to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and customers; pay attention to employees Caring, leaders and employees have a close relationship, and participate in various activities together to create a friendly and efficient corporate atmosphere.
  • Product Strategy

    KUS devotes to become the global largest AdBlue sensor assembly integrator, pursuing as famous as "ABCD" supplier in the field of automotive electronics.

  • Business Strategy

    Pioneer, Better quality,

    Higher Cost-effective, Diversification

  • Talent-Management Strategy

    Choose, raise and use the right person
  • Brand Strategy

    "International, Professional, Scientific and Cost-Effective" brand image.

Social Responsibility

KUS Social Responsibility Concept

KUS believes that social responsibility is  not only a confidence in the sustainable development of enterprises, but also a commitment to the harmonious development of society.

Since its establishment in 2004, the company has adhered to the core values of "Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Teamwork", and has driven employees and partners to pursue a healthy career and grow together. From loving aid to targeted poverty alleviation, from supporting new rural construction to earthquake relief donations, everyone is always taking their benevolence as the heart, spreading love to the world, and taking practical actions to continuously promote the corporate social responsibility practice.

In the future, KUS will continue to uphold the concept of "sustainable operation and inherit the spirit of craftsmen", benefit humanity and continue to create social value.

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