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Talent Concept

1. Only talent is used, only virtue is putting in an important position; virtue and talent make an exception to put in an important position; virtuous without talented, training for appointments; talented but unethical, restrictions on employment; No talent and virtue, definitely not employed
2. Technology is the first productive force, and talent is the first resource.
3. Make a good use of existing talents, stabilize key talents, attract talents on urgent need, and reserve potential talents.
4. Benefit depends on quality, quality depends on technology, technology depends on talents, and talent depends on education.
5. Business is based on human being, as well as success and failure.
6. Respect talents sincerely, serve and train talents wholeheartedly, and use talents sincerely.
7. The saint stands high, the able in the middle and all of self respect workers hold up the enterprise. Meanwhile the wisdom are looking by while the incapable may disappear at last.

Application And Promotion

Training Program

Traning(two weeks)

Job Fixation(six months)

Study on the job(three months)/Development Training(three months)

Promotion Channel

Professional Promotion Channel:
Graduates Traineee Engineer Senior Engineer Professional Engineer Expert

Management Promotion Channel:
Graduates Traineee Specialist/Senior Specialist Supervisor Manager Director

Applying Flow

Submit Resume Interview Reexamine Offer+Contract

Interview materials: ① personal resume; ② copy of school transcript (with school seal); ③ copy of English certificate; ④ copies of other materials (scholarship certificate, honorary title, published thesis, internship report, design work, etc.)

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