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Shanghai Power Exhibition is coming! KUS made a grand appearance, and his strength was out of the circle

  • Time:2023-06-21Source: KUS media
  • As the development vane of the global power equipment generator set industry, the three-day 22nd China (Shanghai) International Power Equipment and Generator Set Exhibition (GPOWER 2023 Power Exhibition) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 14. Curtain, held concurrently with IDCE Data Center Exhibition, S-ENERGY Energy Storage Industry Exhibition, EPOWER Electricity Exhibition, and LNG & Gas Summit, gathers top resources in the industry and jointly opens a feast for the power energy industry.

    Constant power, non-stop walking! KUS once again appeared in this much-anticipated industry exhibition. The exhibits exhibited are very rich, covering liquid level sensors, urea tanks, instruments, engine sensors and mobile power supplies, which are widely used in generator sets, marine equipment, commercial vehicles, In the field of non-road machinery and other fields, the booth site ushered in an unprecedented hot event, demonstrating the strong scientific and technological strength of KUS.

    KUS generator set product display

    Instrument series: covering oil level gauge, water level gauge, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, tachometer, speedometer and other instruments, real-time display of data when the generator set is running, the data is accurate and reliable high.

    Mechanical instrument: It integrates liquid level detection and liquid level display, and can work normally without power supply. Signal and alarm functions can be added according to customer needs. This instrument is widely used in fuel tanks and water tanks of various generators and engines.

    Single-tube sensors: KUS is a global manufacturer of multi-functional level sensors, with sensors installed annually on generator sets, yachts, trucks and off-road machinery, which can be customized.

    TN sensor: The main body of the TN series fuel sensor is made of stainless steel, and uses the principle of liquid buoyancy and magnetic induction to measure the liquid level. The product has good anti-corrosion performance, accurate measurement, and has the safety function of preventing overturning and oil leakage.

    Engine sensors: KUS can provide engine sensors such as water level switches, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and speed sensors, which have the advantages of good anti-vibration performance, long service life, convenient installation, stable quality, and reliable performance.

    SCR accessories: KUS can provide SCR accessories such as urea tank and urea liquid level sensor. The urea tank is made of high-strength engineering plastics.

    Power bank: KUS power bank is specially designed for outdoor power supply, high power meets power demand, easy to carry, and helps to improve mobile life and outdoor life.

    KUS not only has rich experience in product development and application, but also has one-stop manufacturing capabilities from raw material processing to finished product assembly, and has also realized localized services for customers in major regions of the world. Service, won the recognition and trust of many new and old customers at the exhibition site. The trip to the exhibition was full of rewards and the response was enthusiastic.

    Today, the GPOWER 2023 power exhibition has come to an end, and the trip to the KUS exhibition has also come to a successful conclusion. But this is not the end. Against the background of the continuous growth of electricity demand and the acceleration of the green and low-carbon transformation of electricity, we will take the fruitful harvest of the exhibition and the high trust of customers to forge ahead at a firmer and more steady pace. Introduce the old and bring forth the new, continue to create the greatest value for customers, promote the transformation, upgrading and green development of the power energy industry, and help accelerate the construction of an energy power.

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