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KUS and Arun Plus announced a strategic collaboration in EV autoparts business to bring maximum value to Thai customers

  • Time:2023-12-14Source: KUS media
  • [Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, 2023/11/29] — ARUN PLUS Company and KUS Technology Corporation (“KUS”) have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), marking the beginning of discussions for a potential strategic collaboration within the electric vehicle (EV) business value chain. The highlights of MOU include exploring business opportunities and development of electric vehicle (EV) related products tailored for the Thai market. Additionally, the agreement outlines plans for various collaborations within the EV business value chain, with a key focus on localization initiatives in Thailand.

    This partnership's core objective is to leverage both companies' strengths, resources, knowledge, and technology to provide end customers with high-quality products and services while achieving mutual benefits for both parties.

    Yi Hsin Ku, the Chairman of KUS, stated: “The collaboration with ARUN PLUS, including investments in Thailand, is not only a strategic layout for the future development of KUS Technology Corporation but also a firm commitment from KUS to contribute continuously to the industry and bring maximum value to customers.”

    MR. EKACHAI YIMSAKUL, Managing Director, Arun Plus , stated that “The collaboration between Arun Plus and KUS in the development of upstream components holds the potential to significantly augment and fortify electric vehicle (EV) production in Thailand. Furthermore, such a partnership aligns seamlessly with Arun Plus's overarching mission to establish a comprehensive EV ecosystem and contribute substantively to the fostering of EV adoption within the nation. This collaborative endeavor also stands in harmony with the guidelines set forth in the Thai Government's policy 30/30.”

    ARUN PLUS and KUS look forward to this exciting partnership, jointly facing future challenges and achieving shared success.

    For more details on the collaboration, please follow our official website or contact the company's public relations department.

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