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Quality Assurance

Production Capacity

Through decades of rapid development and continuous investment by the company, KUS has a variety of advanced production processes and equipment: German TÜV-certified production lines, more than 80 injection molding machines, more than 240 CNC machines, advanced blow molding Machine, high-quality brazing wire, automated SMT, high-performance automatic wave soldering, etc. More than 95% of the key components have been self-made, with one-stop product manufacturing capabilities from raw material processing to finished product assembly, ensuring that the company's products can satisfy customers‘ various needs for flexibility.

KUS has built a number of high-quality electronic product processing workshops, advanced electronic component processing technology, and strict quality management system to ensure that KUS's sensors and meters and other products have excellent performance and can withstand harsh environments test.
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  • R&D Capabilities

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    KUS Technology Center was established in 2007 and passed CNAS certification in 2017. It covers an area of 1600 square meters and is divided into an environmental laboratory, a vibration laboratory, an electronic laboratory, an aging laboratory, a physical laboratory, a chemical laboratory, and  measurement center is equipped with talents from machinery, automation, electronics, materials and other related majors. The headquarters has set up a high-level R & D team with professional industry background, and has the leading industry innovation ability in software development design and algorithms.

    Introduce international cooperation concept, jointly develop and test products with the world's major commercial vehicle and non-road vehicle manufacturers, provide customers with the most optimized product solutions, independently developed ultrasonic principle urea quality sensor, urea level sensor, Fuel sensors, as well as ADAS advanced driver assistance system products such as monocular cameras and millimeter-wave radars, have been unanimously recognized by the industry, laying the cornerstone and brand advantage of the national high-tech enterprise for the company.
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  • Quality Certification

    Since its establishment, KUS has always taken product quality as the core and benchmark for the company to participate in market competition. KUS company's quality policy is "brand building, market expansion, quality assurance, and efficiency". Under the premise of quality assurance, we open up and occupy the market with a brand new KUS. KUS brand products are created with the purpose of premium quality and innovative concepts. It is precisely because of KUS's clear product positioning and strong product quality awareness that the company has become a well-known leader in AdBlue and fuel sensors, AdBlue tanks and meters at home and abroad.

    The company's strong research and development capabilities, excellent quality, advanced technology and equipment and excellent personnel provide reliable guarantee for product quality and performance. The company has taken the lead in the industry to pass IATF16949: 2009, ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 certification, CE certification, TED's PED and AD 2000 certification, truly green, efficient and safe production.
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