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KUS went to the CIBF Battery Exhibition to explain the charm of new products with its strength

  • Time:2023-05-22Source: KUS media
  • On May 16-18, 2023, the 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2023) is coming, focusing on the display of various new energy passenger cars, buses, logistics vehicles, and loads in my country in the past two years. With new achievements in the fields of power batteries, fuel cells and energy storage for trucks and ships, industry leaders gathered in Pengcheng to jointly take pulses, make suggestions, and promote the development of the battery industry chain.

    In this battery technology event, which has attracted the attention of the global industry, KUS shines brilliantly, presenting innovative technology products and cutting-edge solutions, and discussing new trends in industry development with industry colleagues.

    Under the dual-carbon goals, the auto industry is accelerating its transition to green and low-carbon, new energy vehicles are rising rapidly, and the leap in the battery industry provides important support and technical foundation for future new energy vehicles.

    Based on the national new energy industry strategy, under the general trend of automobile electrification and intelligence, the company actively expands and develops new energy product categories by virtue of its own technical advantages in sensors and thermal management, production advantages and market advantages, and contributes to the development of the company. Inject long-term momentum.

    In this exhibition, KUS showcases PTC water heaters, PTC wind heaters, VCU vehicle controllers, cold plates, wiring harnesses and connectors, charging guns, mobile power supplies, expansion tanks, and pipelines that are applied in the field of new energy and energy storage. And various sensors and other products, the strength interprets the technical advantages and professional quality.

    From the opening to the closing of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors, and the KUS booth was even more popular. Innovative products have attracted many new and old customers to stop and communicate, consult professional issues such as product technology, performance, mass production, application, etc. KUS business personnel provide enthusiastic service and patient answers, and reach a good cooperation intention. Later, customization will be provided according to different needs of customers solution.

    CIBF2023 not only shows the momentum of vigorous development of the battery industry, but also gathers the advantageous resources of the global battery industry, providing an important international platform for coordinated development and win-win cooperation among enterprises. KUS Zhengyang Technology has gained a lot in this exhibition, which also demonstrates the company's strength and determination in the field of new energy and energy storage. In the future, it will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, and work together to build a new future and jointly promote China's new energy The development of battery technology and industrial upgrading help achieve the goal of "double carbon"

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