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Vehicle Control Unit

Vehicle Control Unit  is the assembly controller of the power system of the new energy vehicle. It is responsible for coordinating the various components of the engine, transmission, drive motor, power battery, and accessories to work together to achieve various control functions of the vehicle and satisfy the vehicle. Power, economy and drivability requirements ensure the safety of the vehicle.

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  • Chip:133MHz infineon TriCore 32 bit
  • Storage:Flash:1.5MB,RAM:120KB

  • Working temperature:-40℃~105℃
  • Working voltage:8V~32V

  • Dormancy:≤1mA
  • Wake up:Key/Charge/CAN

  • Shell:IP67
  • Dimensions:183mm*151mm*45mm

  • Connector:AMP 121Pin
  • Bus communication:3 high speed CAN, Support extended frames, 1 LIN

  • Adaptable automobile mode:EV、PHEV、HEV、REV、48V
  • 1. Analyze driver intent

  • 2. Control all power system components of the vehicle

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