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Fuel Cell Control Unit

Fuel cell controller (FCCU) is the assembly of fuel cell engine (FCE) system controller, involves the fuel cell system each link of the management, coordination and communication, including the gas path of system management, hydrothermal, electrical management, data communication and fault diagnosis, and other functions, so as to coordinate the various parameters of the system indicators are maintain in proper range, To ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the system. Details Consulting

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  • Functional safety level:ASIL D
  • Main chip architecture:Tricore Aurix

  • Working Frequency:200MHz
  • Number of cores:3+2lock step

  • Flash:4Mb
  • Memory Size:472KB

  • Size of the EEPROM :384KB
  • Digital Input :12

  • Analog Input:33
  • Lower edge of the output:5

  • High side output:4
  • H Bridge:4

  • CAN:4
  • 5V power supply:5

  • 12V power supply:2
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    +86 (0)769 83533290