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Cell Voltage Monitor

CVM collects cell voltage (or the total reactor voltage) signal and sends it to the fuel cell system controller. By checking the cell voltage signal, the working state of the fuel cell can be judged.  Voltage inspection The inspection signal collection cable is connected to the individual battery on the fuel cell stack to collect the voltage. During voltage inspection, the inspection communication cable (such as CAN busbar communication) is transmitted to a communication tool (such as CANalyzer). Finally, the inspection signal collection cable is connected to the PC (or upper computer) through the communication tool.  Directly monitor or record the collected cell voltage of the reactor.
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  • Voltage measurement range:-4V~+4V
  • Number of voltage measurement channels:220(55x4)

  • Voltage resolution:1mV
  • Voltage measurement accuracy:5‰

  • Power Supply:9V~36V
  • Single chip voltage data update cycle:60ms

  • Communication mode:CAN 2.0B
  • Power dissipation:≤5W

  • Working Temperature:-40℃~85℃
  • Maximum input voltage:400V

  • Static leakage current:<1uA
  • Insulation resistance value:1500VAC

  • Enclosure protection class:IP67
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