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Pressure Sensor

A pressure sensor that senses pressure and converts it into an electrical signal. The signal strength depends on the applied pressure. Adopting strict process control to ensure its excellent quality, the interface can be made according to customer needs, and the output resistance can be configured according to customer requirements. Details Consulting

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  • Working voltage: 8V-32V
  • Conducting power: <5W

  • Working temperature: -25℃-120℃
  • Measuring range: 0-5Bar,0-10Bar

  • Alarm: 0.8Bar,1.4Bar
  • Signal: 10-184Ω

  • Thread fitting: NPT1/4; NPT1/8; M10; M10*1 or customized as requires
  • Output signal: Standard resistance value 10-184Ω

  • Protection rank: IP66
  • 1. It is largely applied to many fields, such as the engine pipe of vehicles and ships, water processing projects, inspection and control of industrial processes, hydraulic and pneumatic control proje

  • 2. Excellent anti-vibration performance

  • 3. Long service life

  • 4. simple assembly process

  • 5. Stable quality, reliable performance

  • 6. Wide range of operating temperature

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