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Sea V Series Gauges

Sea V series are suitable for field such as vehicle and marine. 316 stainless steel or plastic bezel, anti-fogging performance. Details Consulting

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  • Protection rank:IP67, work up to 1m under water
  • Connector:Easy installation by multi-plugs socket connection design

  • Background light: Options of Red or Yellow color background light
  • Working voltage: 12V/24V

  • Working temperature:-40~+85℃
  • Display precision:<3°

  • 1.Widely used in fields of marine, vehicle, generators/gen set and bus

  • 2.Passed kinds of strict tests, including environmental and vibration test and got relevant CE certificate

  • 3.Clear, elegant, beautiful dial and high-performance material

  • 4.Reverse polarity protection and anti-fogging performance

  • 5.Product can be install directly on the instrument panel for quick and easy

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