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Sea N Series Gauges

The Sea N series consists of fuel level gauge, water level gauge, holding tank level gauge, voltmeter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, speedometer and tachometer, which are connected to NMEA2000 & J1939 signals. Suitable for marine, vehicle, bus and other fields. In addition to providing analog RPM display, the Sea N tachometer also includes a  LCD screen that monitors real time performance data such as engine trim, battery status, engine temperature, engine hour, oil pressure, fuel consumption and alarm.

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  • Protection rank: IP67
  • Connector: Plug and play connectors

  • Signal: NMEA2000&J1939
  • Background light : Red background light; blue background light can be customized

  • 1. NMEA2000&J1939 compatible

  • 2. Key engine parameters supported

  • 3. Double layer reinforced anti-fogging glass

  • 4. Fully sunlight readable display

  • 5. Tachometer, speedometer and all 2-inch gauges data are from CANbus

  • 6.LCD displays all available data and alarms on NMEA2000&J1939 engines

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