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Tacho Sensor

The tacho sensor converts the speed of a rotating object into a power output. It is an indirect measuring device that can be manufactured by mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical and hybrid methods. According to different signal forms, the tacho sensor can be divided into two types: analog and digital. Details Consulting

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  • Working voltage: 8V-32V with polarity protection
  • Working current: <50mA

  • Working temperature: -40~150℃
  • Installation method: UNF5/8,M16 etc.

  • Output signal: Square wave; Sine wave
  • Signal duty factor: 47±5%

  • Inductance distance: 0.5~2.5mm
  • Tooth module: 2~6

  • Threaded interface: UNF5/8 or M16
  • Connection method: Two or three wires connection

  • Protection rank: IP67
  • Shell shape, material and threaded interface: Can be customized according to customer requirements

  • 1. Used for gear rotation speed measurement. Its main advantages include stable signal output, wide range of operational temperature, small size, and simple assembly process

  • 2. It covers a wide range of measurement, including zero rotation speed

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