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35L AdBlue Tank Assembly

Widely used in SCR systems of well-known trucks and buses at home and abroad, integrating two modules of AdBlue storage and monitoring. The tank is made of high-strength engineering plastics. The product has high strength and resistance to alkaline liquid corrosion. It meets the requirements of the ISO22241 standard and meets the requirements of EURO IV, V, VI Bharat Stage, EPA 2010, and national IV V VI Details Consulting

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  • Main material:Engineering Plastics
  • Tank rated volume:35L

  • Tank molding process:Blow molding
  • Tank color:Black

  • Connector:Optional Amp, Delphi, Tyco, or other brands
  • Output information:Resistance signal, voltage signal, current signal or CAN bus signal

  • Working temperature:-40~+85℃
  • Protection class:IP67

  • 1. AdBlue tank can store AdBlue;

  • 2. The bracket provides the function of installing and fixing the AdBlue tank on the frame;

  • 3. The extended filling tube provides an AdBlue filling channel;

  • 4. The AdBlue pump can extract AdBlue, heat and thaw AdBlue and detect the AdBlue level concentration.

  • 5. The heat insulation design on the AdBlue tank can isolate the high-temperature heat source at 400 ℃.

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