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CN8CT is a non-heating AdBlue quality sensor. In warm areas, the SCR system does not need to be heated. The sensor only needs to provide the function of concentration and liquid level detection and urea absorption. Widely used in after-treatment systems (SCR) of well-known trucks in tropical countries. Details Consulting

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  • Main material:Nylon, stainless steel
  • Length range:275 ~ 680mm, can be customized according to customer requirements

  • Installation method:Toothed bayonet
  • Connector:Optional Amp, Delphi, Tyco, or other brands

  • Output information:CAN signal
  • Baud rate:250Kbps (can be customized)

  • Level accuracy range:10 ~ 40mm (special requirements can be customized)
  • Working temperature:-40~+85℃

  • Protection level:IP67
  • 1. AdBlue solution suction, return

  • 2.Liquid level and temperature detection

  • 3.AdBlue filtration

  • 4.Water pipe cooling liquid filtration

  • 5. Sensor integrated quality sensor (ultrasonic detection)

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