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45L Rotomolding AdBlue Tank assembly

SCR system applied to domestic well-known trucks;
Integrated two modules of urea storage and monitoring;
The tank is made of high-strength engineering plastics. The product has high strength and is resistant to alkaline liquid corrosion.
Meet EURO IV, V, VI Bharat Stage, EPA 2010, National IV V VI requirements Details Consulting

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  • Main material:MDPE
  • Tank rated volume:45L

  • Tank molding process:Rotomolding
  • Tank color:Black

  • Installation method:Bracket lock nut installation
  • Working temperature:-40~+85℃

  • Protection class:IP67
  • 1. AdBlue tank can store AdBlue;

  • 2.Detection of concentration, liquid level and temperature

  • 3.Suck back AdBlue

  • 4. AdBlue filtration

  • 5.Balance the air pressure inside and outside the cabinet

  • 6. Achieve manual and automatic filling

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