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Rubber head AdBlue level sensor is suitable for narrow cabinets and small installation openings. It is fixed with a hose clamp, which is convenient to install and remove. No special tools are required. The appearance is simple and elegant. The products are widely used in the aftertreatment system (SCR) of well-known trucks at home and abroad for the measurement of AdBlue level. Details Consulting

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  • Output information:CAN signal
  • Working temperature:-40~+85℃

  • Protection classIP69K
  • Main material:PA66 + GF30, stainless steel, rubber length, wiring method, oil outlet, and alarm position can be adjusted according to customer requirements; SAE standard joints are used for water pipe and AdBlue pipe joints

  • 1. Liquid level detection

  • 2. Level alarm

  • 3. Circulating heating of cooling water

  • 4. Suck back AdBlue

  • 5. Temperature detection

  • 6. AdBlue filtration

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