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AdBlue solution is easy to freeze at -11 ℃, which affects the normal operation of the SCR system. Therefore, if used in severe cold areas, spiral AdBlue sensors are recommended. Such sensors heat up quickly and can thaw AdBlue in a short period of time, allowing the SCR system to quickly enter normal working conditions. Assembly method with AdBlue tank: toothed mouth and screw fixing; assembly with AbBlue tank is toothed bayonet installation, head can be vented with air pipe (optional). Details Consulting

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  • Main material:Nylon, stainless steel
  • Length range:285 ~ 900mm, can be customized according to customer requirements

  • Installation method:Toothed bayonet
  • Connector:Optional Amp, Delphi, Tyco, or other brands

  • Working temperature:Resistance signal, voltage signal
  • Rated power:125 mW

  • Level accuracy range:10~40mm
  • Working temperature:-40~+85℃

  • Protection classIP67
  • 1. AdBlue level detection, temperature detection

  • 2. Level alarm

  • 3.Circulating heating of cooling water

  • 4. AdBlue solution suction, return

  • 5.AdBlue filtration

  • 6.Sensor integrated solenoid valve

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