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12L AdBlue Tank

This is an AdBlue tank applied to pickup truck models;

Both the AdBlue tank and the pipeline are insulated so that they can be installed near the heat source.

With the advantage of high integration, the whole assembly includes: urea tank, extended refilling tube and other accessory parts.

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  • Effective volume of AdBlue tank12L
  • Main materialEngineering Plastics

  • Tank molding processBlow molding
  • ConnectorOptional Amp, Delphi, Tyco, or other brands

  • Working temperature-40~+85℃
  • Output informationResistance signal, voltage signal, current signal or CAN bus signal

  • Protection classIP67
  • 1. AdBlue tank can store AdBlue;

  • 2. The bracket provides the function of installing and fixing the AdBlue tank on the frame;

  • 3. The extended filling tube provides an AdBlue filling channel;

  • 4. The AdBlue pump can extract AdBlue, heat and thaw AdBlue and detect the AdBlue level concentration

  • 5. The heat insulation design on the AdBlue tank can isolate the high-temperature heat source at 400 ℃

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