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Electronically Controlled Nozzle

AdBlue nozzle, also known as the metering module, is a stainless steel injector installed on the exhaust pipe. Under the control state of 0DB,  AdBlue is sprayed in the required amount according to the required amount, and AdBlue pumped by the metering jet is mixed with air, so that the sprayed AdBlue solution can be uniformly atomized. Details Consulting

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  • Rated voltage:12V/24V
  • System pressure:9Bar

  • Frequency:10Hz
  • Spray angle:≈30°

  • Atomization particle size:SMD(D3,2)<60um
  • Working temperature:-40℃~120℃

  • Flow temperature:100g/h~6800g/h
  • AdBlue pipe and cooling water pipe joint diameter:φ7.89 and φ9.49, in line with SAE J2044-2009 standard

  • Inject a fixed amount of AdBlue solution into the engine exhaust pipe

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