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DCL8CT urea quality sensor monitors the temperature, concentration and liquid level of the urea solution in real time, and can promptly remind whether there is any abnormality to ensure compliance with the requirements. It is mainly used in commercial vehicles, non-road machinery and other fields.


The output signal has high precision, good stability and continuity. It adopts the general CAN J1939 protocol and complies with the emission regulations of EURO IV, V, VI, Bharat Stage, EPA 2010, and China VI.

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  • Length range:245 ~ 900mm, can be customized according to customer requirements
  • Installation method:Toothed ring installation

  • Connector:Optional
  • Output information:CAN signal

  • Baud rate:250Kbps (can be customized)
  • Level accuracy range:10 ~ 40mm ( can be customized)

  • Working temperature:-40~+85℃
  • Protection class:IP67

  • 1. AdBlue solution suction, return

  • 2.Detection of concentration, liquid level and temperature

  • 3. L-shaped water pipe strong heating thawing AdBlue

  • 4. AdBlue filtration

  • 5.Water pipe cooling liquid filtration

  • 6. Sensor integrated quality sensor (ultrasonic detection)

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