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Integrated fuel tank & AdBlue tank assembly

Lightweight is the development trend of the automobile industry at present. Commercial vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery require large capacity fuel tanks due to the relatively compact space and inconvenient fuel filling. Plastic fuel tanks can be designed for profile, effectively using space to increase the effective volume.The integrated fuel tank urea tank developed by KUS can effectively reduce the cost of supplier management, reduce the production and assembly time of customers, and make the body space layout clean and beautiful.
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  • Size1113*460*403mm
  • AdBlue tank volume12L

  • Fuel tank volume80L
  • 1. Store diesel oil and urea solution

  • 2. Balance the air pressure inside and outside the box; Roll over to prevent leakage

  • 3. Oil absorption, oil return and detection of liquid level

  • 4. Automatic limit of fuel tank filling diesel oil

  • 5. Suck and return AdBlue, measure liquid level and thaw AdBlue

  • 6. Automatic and manual limit position filling at AdBlue orifice

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